Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Common Law - Season 1 Episode 2 - Ride-Along - Episode Review

:) Observation day :) As I already suspected, they both tried to impress Dr. Ryan by telling her not quite nice stuffs about the other, all the time. Travis however was more polite this time. It was really unprofessional of Wes to ditch Dr. Ryan like that at the crime scene, to lock her in the car in front of the suspect's house, not to mention what terrible things he said about Travis. I didn't like him from the beginning and won't like him in the near future, that's for sure.   The visit to the coroner did not go well at all. The only adult there was Travis, not counting Dr. Ryan. I understand they have differences, after all one pulled a gun on the other but making your partner look bad won't make you better and that's something Wes needs to understand. He's hurt because of the divorce, he's probably jealous  of Travis for being successful with women and that's why he's acting like an asshole all the time. Dr. Ryan said herself that Wes is an asshole :) so I guess I'm allowed to call him an asshole. :)

On the other hand Captain Shutton is right, they are yin to each others yang. They are great together. Now I know that I have to concentrate on them, on how they treat each other and the rest of the people around them and then I can enjoy the show. 

It was a good episode.
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