Saturday, May 19, 2012

Common Law - Pilot - Episode Review

The first scene at the therapy session was really funny. When we say therapy for couples, we usually think about married couples or if not, couples, partners who are in a (sexual) relationship.  No one would think of partners, as these two police officers :) . No wonder the participants thought they were gay.  Being gay is fine, don't get me wrong, I'm just laughing about how embarrassed Wes was at times  because of the therapy :) Travis seemed to enjoy himself . The therapist was right, he has no problem charming his way into any situation and he has trouble sustaining meaningful relationships: he had many one night stands with female co workers

Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) - I've seen him in "The Good Wife". He was a lawyer, always in a suit and serious all the time. I liked him from the beginning but now I like him even more. He's really hot, his eyes and his dark skin, that's a really good combination :) He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, ha was adopted,  grew up in a rough neighborhood, had to learn how to survive and that's why he knows his way around better. He knows how to talk to people.  He's my favorite here. This role fits him  like a glove, that's for sure.

Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole) - He's the exact opposite of Travis. He's an average guy, not so good looking, always serious. He's not the kind of guy women notice in a big crowd and I guess this is bothering him. Knowing that his partner is more successful regarding women can't be a good thing :).  He's a lawyer but now he's working as a detective. Being a lawyer is a huge advantage in this job but it's not enough. He's not my favorite but we need him :) He looks good with Travis.

Wes is Mr. Manual, he plays by the book and Travis is ... well I don't know how to call him, he likes to bend the rules. One thing is sure: Travis has to tighten up and Wes has to lighten up, that's why they make a really great couple :)

They are two comedians,  I just love them.

The captain (Jack McGee) - I've seen him in Hawaii Five-0 recently, he was a CIA agent. He's a captain here, and I like him, he gave me the impression of a fair captain who has the courage to stand up for his best detectives even tough he knows it's risky. 

The therapist Dr. Rian (Sonya Walger) - She's really good at what she does.  She knew from the beginning that Travis and Wes are going to attract everyone's   attention and that they are going to have trouble with the exercises. She is really sexy and has a foreign accent which I find really interesting. I hope we can get the chance to see her often.

There are some strange things  I decided not to pay attention to, like letting a thief go, who previously robbed a murder victim, threatening him with a gun, shooting a a car in a showroom just to find out where the drugs are hidden, shooting a plastic mascot just for fun etc. These things are not supposed to happen in real life and one must suffer the consequences for these actions but this is not the real life, this is a tv show.  In order to enjoy the show, I won't pay attention to these things in the future. I might mention them in my review (most likely) but not letting them ruin the show for me.   

The best quote:
  • Wes: You know I hate it when you date women at work.
  • Travis: But she's hot, right? Where else am I supposed to meet girls, man? Everyone I meet is either dead, suspect or under arrest.
The best scene: Travis and Wes fighting in the captain's office, breaking the window :) 

At first I thought this is a cop show but now I see it as the best comedy.  These two guys make me laugh and that's all that matters to me. I'm glad I found this show. 

Please feel free to comment about the show or my review. I hope I'm not the only one watching it :)


  1. Sure, the formula has been done before, but I thought that the pilot was good and I hope they let the show develop because both of the lead characters have more depth than the average character in a law show. I thought the tension between the two was great and also adds a lot of potential for future exploration.

    Oh and one more thing, I thought it was awesome that they used that song "Blanco" by Pitbull and Pharrell when Wes and Travis were chasing Ramon through the streets of downtown, that song is so intense it really added the icing on the cake to a great action scene - plus, I love a great foot chase.

  2. Darci, thanks for the comment! Good point, great review. I'm glad I'm not alone here :) Today I'm going to write the review of the second episode. Please feel free to check back regularly and comment.


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